Building my Virtual Filing Cabinet

The challenge was given 3 months ago, on the ‘Exlpore the Math-Twittershpere-Bloggosphere’ website to create your own virtual fling cabinet: a place where all of your favorite activities are listed in one place and is easily accessible. With all the snow days we have had I have finally got round to at least writing a list of websites I am excited to trawl in the name of finding the best, most useful and inspiring activities, out there.

Here is the list:

3-acts, Dan Meyer


Sam Shah’s Virtual Filing Cabinet

Mr. Kraft’s Virtual Filing Cabinet

Visual Patterns

Robert Kaplinsky Lessons

Graphing Stories

Math Mistakes


Function Carnival

I’m sure there are many more great sites out there that I am missing. What would you add?

2 thoughts on “Building my Virtual Filing Cabinet

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