Upcoming Presentations:

Engaging all students with Low-Floor-High-Ceiling math tasks: Is it really possible to engage all students, 100% of the time? We will explore tasks that have the potential to engage every student in the room, regardless of ability or goal orientation. With low barriers to entry and high intrinsic level of challenge, low-floor-high-ceiling math tasks can illuminate mathematics in a way that becomes meaningful for each student. This session will give you the experience of working through such tasks, going on to consider how they can be used effectively in your classroom.

ISACS Annual Conference, Detroit, MI – Thursday, November 8, 2018

Past Presentations

Love STEM? Meet SLAM: Statistics, Language Arts, & Maps

ISACS Annual Conference, Columbus, OH – Thu 3rd Nov 2016

Making Sense of a Multi-dimensional Curriculum

ISCAS Annual Conference, St. Paul, MI – Fri 6th Nov 2015

IAIS Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN – Fri 12th Feb 2016


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