Virtual Filing Cabinet


 Introduction to Functions (Fawn Nguyen)

Seven Squares (Nrich)

Toothpicks (Dan Meyer/3-acts)

Function Machine Game (@letsplaymath)

Graphing Stories (Dan Mayer)

Video – Meat-A-Morphosis (Jason Ermer)

Function Carnival (Desmos)

Domain and Range (John Scammell)

Linear Functions

The 100×100 In-n-Out Burger (Robert Kaplinsky)

Excel for Problem Solving (Fawn Nguyen)

Barbie Bungie (I speak Math/Fawn Nguyen/NCTM)

Stacked Cups (Fawn Nguyen/Dan Meyer)

25 billion apps (Dan Meyer)

Slope-R-Mario (Scott Keltner)

Milometer (NRich)

Quadratic Functions

Penny Circle (Dan Meyer/Desmos)

Pictures of Porabolas in Extreme Sports (Mr. Reid)

Angry Birds (Robert Kaplinsky)

Polynomial Functions

Geogebra Photo Project (

Rational Functions

Video – Dividing by Zero (Numberphile)

Intro (Kate Nowak)

Light It Up (NCTM)

A Story for adding rational expressions (George Woodbury)

Radical Functions


Logarithmic Functions

Falling Glowsticks (Dan Meyer)

Video – 7 Billion (National Geographic)

Trigonometric Functions

Spaghetti Trigonometry


End of course project – Function Art (@Desmos)

Video – The Story of Maths (BBC/Marcus du Sautoy)

Probabilty & Statistics


Video – The Joy of Stats (Hans Rosling @gapminder)

Descriptive Statistics

Video – Are you typical? (National Geographic)

Gapminder Project

Predicting Cranium Size (Julie Reulbach)

Drive or Fly (Tom Ward)

Expected Value App (Freeman)


National Lottery Simulator (Nrich)

Spud-tacular Combinations (Chris Robinson)

Probability Distributions

Popcorn Normal Distribution

Correlation and Regression

Correlation vs. Causation in the media (Jon Mueller)

Correlation App (Freeman)

Statistical Testing


Video – Freakanomics

Escape the Worksheet

Problem-based Lesson Search Engine (Robert Kaplinsky)

Speed Dating (Kate Nowak)

Row Games (Kate Nowak)

Risk (Angie)

Solve-Crumple-Toss (Kate Nowak)

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