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Summer Reading 2014

Summer is rapidly approaching. A great time to reflect and decide what I want the next 12 months to look like. Time is precious and I want to read books that will not just improve my philosophy but that will help on a day to day basis. I am currently looking forward to devouring these two books:

I’ve been thinking a lot this year about how to teach my students how to learn, how to think for themselves and direct their own learning. I’ve skim read ‘Making Thinking Visible’ before but I’ve been looking forward to going through this with a fine toothed comb and extracting every word of worth from its pages. The philosophy statements in the first couple of chapters is worth a read all on its own. It seems clear that students who can name and show their thinking processes do a lot better than those that just go with the flow. I would like my classroom to foster the former. Thoughts to be blogged/tweeted as I go along.

This is the other book I’m really looking forward to going through. It has come highly recommended and anything that is going to help me become better at asking questions and promoting debate and discussion is worth a look. I haven’t even opened this yet so watch this space for highlights online and in my classroom.

Because LeCarre is amazing.

What will you be reading this summer? Any recommendations?


MathEd Out Podcast – Ep 3 feat. Lynne McClure (Director of NRich)

The MathEd Out Podcast

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This Episode we are joined by director of Nrich, Lynne McClure.

NRich is an organization dedicated to the use of rich mathematics in the classroom. In 15 years, they have built up a strong global following and now get over 500,000 hits on the website every month.

Lynne has been director at NRich for the last 4 years and is president elect of the UK’s Mathematical Association. She talks to us about the best way to use NRich activites in the classroom as well as recent developments in mathematics education.


Episode Links:


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