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Top Tech Tip – Rowmote Pro iPhone app ($4.99)


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I avoid my desk whenever possible during a class and like to be moving around or up at the board. This proves difficult when my computer and powerpoints are at the back of the room and I need to change between slides. Of course I can just buy a clicker (good ones fetch $50-70). However, I looked at the app store and found Rowmote Pro ($4.99), an app that not only works as a clicker but does pretty much everything your keyboard and mouse can do.

I’ve just finished a unit on spreadsheets and scatter plots and I was able to be at the board or walking around the room the whole time whilst working a functioning spreadsheet. It was awesome.

There aren’t many apps I can say this of (if any) but I now use Rowmote Pro in every lesson and it means I can be where I want to be at any point during the lesson.

What apps make your teaching life easier?


Author: PumphreysMath

A British Math(s) Teacher now living in Indianapolis, USA, aiming to show my students how questions are often more important than answers. Presenter of the MathEd Out Podcast and contributor for the Guardian Teacher Network.

2 thoughts on “Top Tech Tip – Rowmote Pro iPhone app ($4.99)

  1. Looks awesome – but it seems it only works with Macs? The computer in my classroom is a Windows machine – is there anything comparable that you know of?

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