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Why I am Switching to Middle School



As of the next academic year I will be teaching middle school mathematics. I will be sad to leave my current school but am very excited about the prospect of teaching younger minds.  Here’s why:

  • I am looking forward to (hopefully) ‘catching’ middle school students with the wonder of mathematics before they reach high school. The most upsetting thing I hear is when students enjoyed math at elementary level but then got completely put off before they reached high school. I hope to do something to make sure this doesn’t happen for my students.
  • I am looking forward to teaching just ‘Math.’ I have enjoyed focusing on Algebra and Probability & Statistics but have missed having the time to make connections between the disciplines. My aim will be to blur the lines between algebra and geometry so that students have a very strong sense of the link between them.
  • Experience tells me that middle school math lends itself to Project Based Learning (#PBL) fairly well. This is something close to my heart and I look forward to modelling what it means to be a mathematician to my students.
  • I get to chat and share great ideas with #msmathchat peeps on Twitter

I am truly grateful to Herron High School for trusting me to teach their students for the last two years.


Author: PumphreysMath

A British Math(s) Teacher now living in Indianapolis, USA, aiming to show my students how questions are often more important than answers. Presenter of the MathEd Out Podcast and contributor for the Guardian Teacher Network.

2 thoughts on “Why I am Switching to Middle School

  1. I love teaching middle school! I can’t wait to read about how your experience goes! Middle school people are great about sharing resources and advice. Good luck!

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