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I’d completely forgotten about feedback

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This summer I was all excited about reflecting on what strategies I would use to enrich each part of the learning process. I made the following list in my teaching journal:

Inspiration –> Creation –> Education –> Preparation –> Performance

This post from Daniel Schneider reminds me that I have missed out one of the most important components of the process: Feedback. Without this, students will not know how they are performing and get a good sense of what is expected from them. This is now added to my list and ‘the wall of champions’ is a great place to start!

I also have to remember that just as with formative assessment, I will need to think about feedback at every part of the process. So in the end the process looks a little more like this:

Learning Process


Author: PumphreysMath

A British Math(s) Teacher now living in Indianapolis, USA, aiming to show my students how questions are often more important than answers. Presenter of the MathEd Out Podcast and contributor for the Guardian Teacher Network.

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