Summer 2013

The summer is an amazing opportunity to step back and reflect on the teaching and learning that takes place in my classroom. For this I have two strategies:

  1. Take part in the free Stanford Online Course: EDUC115N. If you are involved with Math Education, you should definitely consider going through this with your department.
  2. Reflect on what I see as each part of the learning process in the classroom: Inspiration (Why Math?), Creation (How Math?) and Preparation (Which Math?).

Here are some questions I will trying to answer:


  • What activities are going to create the need for the math in each unit/lesson?
  • Where can I incorporate Dan Meyer’s 3acts style lessons into the curriculum?


  • How can I develop student questioning and facilitating their finding out the answers rather than just disseminating independent skills that they need to regurgitate?
  • How can I stretch my most gifted students?


  • How am I going to prepare my students well for standardized testing?
  • How can I make this part of the lesson a lot more fun?

I think I would be happy next year if I could improve on these things.

What about your teaching will you be reflecting on this summer?

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