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Spaghetti Trigonometry – Extension

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This is a direction I found myself going when some students had finished this activity.

– What would the graph of y = sin (2x) look like?
– y = 2 sin (x)?
– y = sin (x+2)
– y = sin (x) + 2?


What does this tell you about?
– f(ax)
– a.f(x)
– f(x+a)
– f(x) + a


Next lesson we are going to bring together everything we know about linear, polynomial and trigonometric functions and make some amazing graphical patterns using http://www.desmos.com/calculator. I hope to post the best ones here.


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A British Math(s) Teacher now living in Indianapolis, USA, aiming to show my students how questions are often more important than answers. Presenter of the MathEd Out Podcast and contributor for the Guardian Teacher Network.

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